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Feng Shui Decorating with Silk Flowers & Foliage

Decorating with The Silk Garden

Silk Flowers, Silk Floral Arrangements and Silk Flower Bouquets

Beautiful and uplifting, realistic silk flowers, floral arrangements and flower bouquets that will live forever.

Silk Flower Candelabra Centerpieces and Floral Arrangements

Uplifting, realistic silk flower candelabra arrangements add warmth and beauty to any room in your home.

Silk Orchids and Silk Orchid Flower Arrangements

Add style to your decor with stunningly beautiful, exotic silk orchids.

Silk Roses, Silk Rose Bouquets and Silk Rose Arrangements

Everlasting silk roses for everlasting thoughtfulness and love.

Silk Flower Stems

Create your own beautiful, ever-lasting floral arrangements with silk flower stems.

Tropical Silk Flowers and Arrangements

Exotic tropical silk flowers and arrangements for a touch of earthly paradise.

Realistic Silk Plants and Foliage

Add a bold statement to your home or office with bamboo and grasses, ferns and palms, flowering silk plants, hanging silk plants, indoor and outdoor silk plants, tropical silk plants and cacti.

Indoor and Outdoor Silk Trees and Topiary

Add the beauty and warmth of nature indoors or outdoors with lifelike, maintenance-free bamboo silk trees, silk bonsai, silk ficus and palm trees, flowering silk trees, silk topiary trees and tropical silk trees.

Seasonal Silk Flowers, Silk Plants and Trees and Silk Wreaths

Bring the uplifting colors, freshness and festive spirit of the seasons into your home or office with silk flower arrangements, silk plants and trees and silk wreaths.

Silk Wreaths, Garlands and Swags

Silk wreaths, garlands and swags add a beautiful touch of "welcome!" to your home or office.

Home and Garden Decor and Accessories

Reflect your personal style and enhance your surroundings with home and garden decor and accessories.

Decorative Planters and Vases

Decorative planters and vases add that little extra something to your home or office decor.

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Feng Shui Decorating with Silk Flowers & Foliage

Decorating with The Silk Garden


Feng shui (pronounced fung shway), or "wind-water," is the ancient Chinese practice of achieving harmony with the environment through the design and layout of space and the placement of objects in one's environment. This positioning is based on the belief in balance and harmony between nature and living beings, patterns of yin and yang and the flow and effects of positive and negative chi (energy).

The goal of feng shui is to achieve harmony, comfort and balance...first in one's environment and then in one's life. Feng shui objects and accessories can greatly enhance your environment, bring about positive life changes, create prosperity, enhance relationships, increase wealth, achieve goals, provide more energy and better health.

Adding new decorative items to your home that represent life, whether with plants, flowers or trees, helps to create a calming, tranquil atmosphere.

If you are hesitant to use real plants or flowers because of the maintenance involved, consider exquisitely made silk flowers, silk plants or silk trees from The Silk Garden. They never need water, aren’t messy and always look great.

"Many people shy away from using living plants in their decor, claiming their lack of a green thumb results in unhealthy and dead plants. For these people, I recommend using life-like or 'live looking' fake plants," says Joyce Hyde, feng shui consultant. "Attractive, good quality silk plants are available in a wide variety of styles...their vibrant green color that symbolizes life, growth and health can transform a dull, lackluster space into a warm and inviting one."


Feng Shui Decorating Suggestions

In feng shui, different plants, flowers and trees have different effects, depending on their overall shape, the shape of their leaves and flowers and their color. When incorporating feng shui into your decorating scheme, keep in mind the following feng shui suggestions.

  1. Rooms of relaxation and rest, such as bedrooms, bathrooms or meditation rooms, should not include plants with spikes, spines or pointed leaves. Avoid cacti, dracaena, agave or bromeliad. Instead, use round-leaved plants, such as schefflera, monstera, calathea or jade plants.
  2. Plants with pointed leaves or strong upward growth work well in areas that are used for stimulation, such as the kitchen, living room or office. Consider using cacti, palm trees, yuccas or dracaena.
  3. Place plants with dense foliage and round leaves in front of any protruding corner.
  4. Tall palm trees with spreading leaves work well in front of internal corners.
  5. Have a long corridor in your home or office? Stagger bushy plants along either side.
  6. Choose a silk flower arrangement in purple to add more passion to your life, a red or pink arrangement to add romance and excitement or a white flower arrangement to add stability.
  7. A money or jade plant, with it's round, thick leaves, brings positive energy, fortune and enhances finances. Lilies are also a symbol of abundance and positive energy.
  8. Chrysanthemums bring laughter, happiness and harmony to an environment.
  9. Hanging plants are great for moving energy around a room.
  10. Tall green foliage plants, such as ferns and grasses, increase vitality and freshness.
  11. Red or purple orchids can help revive a dormant sex life.
  12. Dahlias, daisies and chrysanthemums enhance romance and finances.
  13. Red tulips and red roses increase romance, pink tulips bring pleasure and white tulips increase motivation.
  14. Bushy plants with rounded leaves are calming.
  15. Trail philodendron or any round-leaved plant over sharp corners of tables or shelves.
  16. Bamboo symbolizes positive energy and good fortune.
  17. The most popular feng shui plants and flowers include bamboo, ficus, palms, dracaena, money plants, hanging baskets, peonies, chrysanthemums and lilies.

When choosing silk flowers, plants or trees for your feng shui decorating, be sure to purchase the highest quality silk flowers, silk plants and silk trees available.

The Silk Garden offers beautifully realistic, exceptional quality, designer silk flowers and arrangements, tropical silk flowers and orchids, silk plants, artificial silk trees and silk wreaths for discerning and particular plant enthusiasts or for those who simply want some of nature's beauty to enhance their decor. Created with particular attention paid to detail, our silk flowers, silk plants, silk trees and silk wreaths look so authentic, you won't believe they're not!


Fountains in Feng Shui Decorating

Fountains, and the soothing sounds of flowing water, diffuse negative energy and enhance health, well-being and serenity, making them a very popular and beneficial element in feng shui decorating.

Feeling tired, stressed, worn out? Scientific evidence has shown that the sound of running water helps us relax, breathe deeper, alleviates depression, relieves stress, boosts our energy and can actually improve the quality of life.

Fountains are an easy way to incorporate the soothing sounds and benefits of flowing water into your life. Close your eyes, focus on the sounds of the water and drown out distracting noises and thoughts. What a perfect way to center yourself, help you focus and relieve everyday stresses at home or at work.

Not only are fountains and water features a relaxing addition to your home or office, they bring positive energy into your life and are highly beneficial to your health, financial life, romance and relationships.


Wind Chimes in Feng Shui Decorating

Wind chimes with pleasing sounds are very popular feng shui decorating items. They dispel negative energy and attract new, positive energy, promote health and harmony, increase popularity and goal realization and protect a home or business from intruders.

Wind chimes are very soothing and calming tools of tranquility, providing peaceful background noise. There is evidence that these gentle, wind-created sounds can improve health and well-being. Wind chimes are also quite comforting, their gentle sounds easing a troubled mind or soul.

Wind chimes are very popular choices as both indoor and outdoor accessories. When you add wind chimes to your porch or patio, hanging from a tree branch, roof beam, ceiling or any area where the wind will move them, you add a new dimension to your space. The sound of the metal, wooden or bamboo chimes adds a serene ambiance with its gentle sounds.


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