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Decorating with Silk Flowers, Plants & Artificial Trees

Decorating with The Silk Garden

Silk Flowers, Silk Floral Arrangements and Silk Flower Bouquets

Beautiful and uplifting, realistic silk flowers, floral arrangements and flower bouquets that will live forever.

Silk Flower Candelabra Centerpieces and Floral Arrangements

Uplifting, realistic silk flower candelabra arrangements add warmth and beauty to any room in your home.

Silk Orchids and Silk Orchid Flower Arrangements

Add style to your decor with stunningly beautiful, exotic silk orchids.

Silk Roses, Silk Rose Bouquets and Silk Rose Arrangements

Everlasting silk roses for everlasting thoughtfulness and love.

Silk Flower Stems

Create your own beautiful, ever-lasting floral arrangements with silk flower stems.

Tropical Silk Flowers and Arrangements

Exotic tropical silk flowers and arrangements for a touch of earthly paradise.

Realistic Silk Plants and Foliage

Add a bold statement to your home or office with bamboo and grasses, ferns and palms, flowering silk plants, hanging silk plants, indoor and outdoor silk plants, tropical silk plants and cacti.

Indoor and Outdoor Silk Trees and Topiary

Add the beauty and warmth of nature indoors or outdoors with lifelike, maintenance-free bamboo silk trees, silk bonsai, silk ficus and palm trees, flowering silk trees, silk topiary trees and tropical silk trees.

Seasonal Silk Flowers, Silk Plants and Trees and Silk Wreaths

Bring the uplifting colors, freshness and festive spirit of the seasons into your home or office with silk flower arrangements, silk plants and trees and silk wreaths.

Silk Wreaths, Garlands and Swags

Silk wreaths, garlands and swags add a beautiful touch of "welcome!" to your home or office.

Home and Garden Decor and Accessories

Reflect your personal style and enhance your surroundings with home and garden decor and accessories.

Decorative Planters and Vases

Decorative planters and vases add that little extra something to your home or office decor.

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Decorating with Silk Flowers, Plants & Trees

Decorating with The Silk Garden


Do you love flowers and plants but don't have a green thumb? Do you think indoor plants and trees take too much maintenance to keep them looking good? Is your home or office missing something but you're not sure what? Are you looking to accentuate your room's decor for that polished, "I-hired-a-decorator" look? Look no further.

Add instant elegance, a welcome feeling and that finishing touch to your home or office decor with The Silk Garden's beautifully realistic, premium quality silk flowers and arrangements, tropical silk flowers and orchids, silk plants, artificial silk trees and silk wreaths. Not only do they look fabulous, silk flowers and foliage requires little or no maintenance and can last forever. Created with particular attention paid to detail, The Silk Garden's silk flowers, silk plants, artificial trees and silk wreaths look so authentic, you won't believe they're not!


Ideas for Decorating with Silk Flowers, Plants & Trees

  1. Coordinate silk flowers and foliage with your style of decorating. If your decor is contemporary or modern, choose plants with clean, sleek lines and slender shapes, such as dracaenas, cycas palms or topiary. For a traditional decor, consider ferns, ficus varieties, topiary, hanging ivy or spring flowers. Tropical decorating just begs for palms, orchids or tropical flowers. If your decor is Asian, bonsai, bamboo and Japanese maples would be perfect. Ferns, topiary, hanging plants and vases of flowers work well with country-style decorating. Is your style Southwestern? Try cacti, succulents, yuccas, palms or potted grasses. And, for the office, plants with strong leaves, such as monstera or large figs and palms work best.
  2. Keep balance and scale in mind when deciding where to put silk plants, trees or flowers. Choose plant heights and fullness based on the available space. You don't want to overpower a small area with a large tree or have smaller plants or flower arrangements seem lost in a larger area.
  3. For greater impact, group your silk plants together with different heights and volumes. Try putting some on plant stands or small tables. Using an odd number of items is preferable.
  4. Contrast plants and trees with one another for a more dynamic display. For example, combine smaller standing plants with long, hanging plants with flowers.
  5. Group three large plants or trees in a triangular shape or place them at a diagonal for a pleasing visual effect.
  6. Placing plants next to small furniture pieces will visually expand the width of the furniture.
  7. Use smaller plants and flower arrangements to add interest to shelves, etageres and tables.
  8. Place large trees or topiary in empty corners or entryways.
  9. Create a room divider with large trees and plants. For example, if you want to separate a living and dining room area, place a couch with its back to the dining area, add a sofa table against the back and fill the table with silk plants and flower arrangements.
  10. Add palms, hanging plants and tropical silk flowers to the bathroom to create a relaxing, spa-like environment.
  11. Instead of curtains on a window, hang plants in front of it. Or place glass shelves across a window and arrange several flowering plants or trailing plants on them.
  12. Accent and silhouette silk trees and large plants by placing a light on the floor and focusing it on the wall.
  13. Wreaths say "welcome!" Nothing is more beautiful and welcoming than a wreath on the front door of your home or office.


Have a Decorating Dilemma?

Not sure what to choose, where to place what or how to improve the look of your room? Contact us at, with as much information as possible about your dilemma, and we'll be happy to provide a solution or two.


Silk Flowers, Plants & Trees as Gifts

Need a gift and not sure what to get? Consider silk flowers, plants or trees as beautiful and thoughtful gifts.

As a housewarming or realtor gift, silk flowers, plants and trees are a warm way of welcoming the new person to the neighborhood or for saying thank you for your business. Silk flowers, plants or trees can be a bright and cheerful birthday, anniversary or any milestone gift. And what could be more thoughtful as a get-well-soon gift than gorgeous, forever fabulous, silk flowers, plants and trees. They require very little maintenance, they will virtually last forever and your well-chosen gift and thoughtfulness will not be forgotten.

The Silk Garden offers beautifully realistic, exceptional quality, designer silk flowers and arrangements, plants, trees and wreaths for discerning and particular plant enthusiasts or for those who simply want some of nature's beauty to enhance their decor. Created with particular attention paid to detail, our silk flowers and arrangements, silk plants, artificial silk trees and silk wreaths look so authentic, you won't believe they're not!


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For the finest in silk flowers, plants, trees, wreaths, planters and accessories, shop The Silk Garden: Silk Flowers | Silk Plants | Silk Trees | Silk Wreaths | Seasonal Silks | Home & Garden Decor

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