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Silk Orchids & Silk Orchid Floral Arrangements

Add style to your decor with stunningly beautiful, exotic silk orchids and silk orchid floral arrangements.

Silk Flowers, Silk Floral Arrangements and Silk Flower Bouquets

Beautiful and uplifting, realistic silk flowers, floral arrangements and flower bouquets that will live forever.

Silk Flower Candelabra Centerpieces and Floral Arrangements

Uplifting, realistic silk flower candelabra arrangements add warmth and beauty to any room in your home.

Silk Orchids and Silk Orchid Flower Arrangements

Add style to your decor with stunningly beautiful, exotic silk orchids.

Silk Roses, Silk Rose Bouquets and Silk Rose Arrangements

Everlasting silk roses for everlasting thoughtfulness and love.

Silk Flower Stems

Create your own beautiful, ever-lasting floral arrangements with silk flower stems.

Tropical Silk Flowers and Arrangements

Exotic tropical silk flowers and arrangements for a touch of earthly paradise.

Realistic Silk Plants and Foliage

Add a bold statement to your home or office with bamboo and grasses, ferns and palms, flowering silk plants, hanging silk plants, indoor and outdoor silk plants, tropical silk plants and cacti.

Indoor and Outdoor Silk Trees and Topiary

Add the beauty and warmth of nature indoors or outdoors with lifelike, maintenance-free bamboo silk trees, silk bonsai, silk ficus and palm trees, flowering silk trees, silk topiary trees and tropical silk trees.

Seasonal Silk Flowers, Silk Plants and Trees and Silk Wreaths

Bring the uplifting colors, freshness and festive spirit of the seasons into your home or office with silk flower arrangements, silk plants and trees and silk wreaths.

Silk Wreaths, Garlands and Swags

Silk wreaths, garlands and swags add a beautiful touch of "welcome!" to your home or office.

Home and Garden Decor and Accessories

Reflect your personal style and enhance your surroundings with home and garden decor and accessories.

Decorative Planters and Vases

Decorative planters and vases add that little extra something to your home or office decor.

Silk Orchids & Silk Orchid Flower Arrangements from The Silk Garden Silk Orchids & Silk Orchid Flower Arrangements from The Silk Garden Silk Orchids & Silk Orchid Flower Arrangements from The Silk Garden Silk Orchids & Silk Orchid Flower Arrangements from The Silk Garden
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Silk Orchids & Silk Orchid Floral Arrangements


Add style to your decor with stunningly beautiful, exotic silk orchids and silk orchid floral arrangements.

For adding beauty and elegance to your home or office environment or for especially beautiful and unique gifts, The Silk Garden's silk orchids and silk orchid flower arrangements are the perfect addition to any floral arrangement. Choose from several types of stunningly beautiful, exotic silk orchids, including Dancing Lady silk orchids, Cattleya silk orchids, Cymbidium silk orchids, Phalaenopsis silk orchids, Dendrobium silk orchids and more.

Why use silk orchids? Orchids are beautiful, but delicate, plants that require much time and patience. However, your silk orchids need virtually no attention. With no need to worry about watering, pruning or the right light requirements, you can enjoy the beauty of silk orchids all year long and in any climate.

Need a gift and not sure what to get? Consider silk orchids and silk orchid flower arrangements as beautiful and thoughtful gifts.

A colorful arrangement of silk orchids can be a bright and joyful birthday, anniversary or any milestone gift. As a housewarming or realtor gift, an arrangement of beautiful silk flowers is a cheerful way of welcoming the new person to the neighborhood or for saying thank you for your business. And what could be more thoughtful as a get-well-soon gift than an arrangement of uplifting silk flowers, fresh from the "garden." They require very little maintenance, they will virtually last forever and your well-chosen gift and thoughtfulness will not be forgotten.

If you'd like to include a Gift Message with your purchase, just indicate how you'd like it to read in the gift message box when you check out.


Vanda Silk Orchids


Colorful, rare, intricate, delicate, unique, timeless... these are words that are used to describe the incredible orchid. And we've perfectly captured all of that with this set of three Vanda silk orchids. Complete with vases and realistic water, this set is ideal for home, office or a thoughtful gift. Measures 10.5" wide x 15" high. Vase measures 3.25" wide x 3.25" high. Set of 3.


#1312     $89.95

Vanda Silk Orchid Arrangement


Experience a delightful mixture of shapes, colors and textures with this gorgeous mini vanda silk orchid arrangement. Delicate green leaves curve upward, forming a base from which the soft blooms emerge. A beautiful fluted bowl with faux water completes the picture. Measures 10" wide x 15" high. Vase measures 4.5" wide x 5" high.


#1276     $49.95

Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid Arrangement


This remarkable silk orchid arrangement adds a mosaic of beauty, splendor and color to any room. With its full, beautiful flower petals and decorative vase filled with realistic faux water, this elegant beauty will continue to look fresh for years to come. Vase measures 4.25" wide x 9.25" high.


#1191     $89.95

Potted Vanda Silk Orchid


A perfect recreation of one of nature’s most sought-after flowers, this delicate silk vanda has it all. Symmetrical, cascading green leaves, soft bloom delicately climbing skyward and no need for water or care. Plus, this beautiful silk orchid comes in a striking hexagon black vase with faux moss, providing a bold mix of colors. Measures 14" wide x 24" high. Planter measures 6" wide x 5.75" high.


#1252     $49.95

Dendrobium Silk Orchid Arrangement


There are 1,200 species of dendrobium orchids in existence, but there’s only one floral arrangement like this one. Arranged in a vase that compliments any setting, these cool and colorful flowers will provide a splash of color to any room or accent a romantic dinner. Complete with realistic water, these beauties will stay fresh forever! Measures 18" wide, 35" high. Vase measures 4.5" wide x 9" high.


#1190     $99.95

Silk Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement


Expertly designed, this 20" mini phalaenopsis silk orchid highlights a stem of full-blooming orchids and buds, foliage and roots with grass accents. Arranged in a glass vase with river rocks and realistic water. Measures 20" high.


#1051     $39.95

Giant Blooming Orchid Arrangement


Handcrafted leaves and petals contrast beautifully in this giant blooming orchid arrangement. Long leaves spring up from the moss-lined planter and bloom into a large orchid. The light purple petals have deep purple centers and white tips that mimic a true orchid flower. Perfect for a front entryway or to add a pop of color to your living area. Comes with a stately gray planter. Measures 24" wide x 41" high. Planter measures 11" wide x 16.5" high.


#1431     $219.95

Cymbidium Orchid Trio


Good things come in threes and that’s the thought behind this beautiful cymbidium silk flower arrangement. We’ve taken a beautiful, bright cymbidium bloom, arranged it in a cute little vase and then added another pair. Buy a set for your home and another as a gift for a friend. Measures 6" wide x 8" high. Vase measures 4" wide x 4.75" high. Set of three.


#4797     $59.95

Giant Palaenopsis Silk Orchid in Planter


Easily one of nature's rarest, most sought-after and beautiful plants, the phalaenopsis orchid has been delighting plant enthusiasts for centuries. No other plant has quite the same delicate beauty and intricate look. And this life-like silk reproduction, right down to the baby buds at the end, will delight you and your decor. Comes with a glass planter, complete with realistic water and river rock. Measures 15" wide x 26" high. Planter measures 5" wide x 5" high.


#1324     $59.95

Cymbidium Silk Orchids


With its rich and varied colors, the cymbidium (or boat orchid) makes for a fantastic, bold addition to any décor. Incredibly vibrant and realistic, this cymbidium silk flower arrangement truly shines when prominently displayed in the included vase with realistic water. Measures 23" wide, 31" high. Vase measures 4.5" wide x 9" high.


#1184     $99.95

Silk Phalaenopsis Orchid


Standing twenty inches high, this grand member of the orchid family makes a spectacular impression. A mix of brightly hued petals, graced by two delicate buds and adorned by lush green leaves, adds an elegant touch. Arranged in a delicate round glass vase with realistic water, this silk phalaenopsis orchid is perfect for a dining room centerpiece or as a thoughtful gift. Measures 16" wide x 18" high. Vase measures 6.25" wide x 6.25" high.


#4643     $69.95

Cymbidium Silk Orchid Arrangement


With an array of soft blooms set amidst wispy stems, this warm and inviting cymbidium silk orchid arrangement is springtime freshness, no matter what season it is. Beautifully arranged in a white vase that perfectly accentuates the floral beauty. Measures 24" wide x 30" high. White pot measures 10.5" wide x 2.25" high.


#4803     $89.95

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