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Indoor & Outdoor Silk Plants

Beautifully realistic, indoor and outdoor silk plants to enhance your home, office, patio or porch decor.

Silk Flowers, Silk Floral Arrangements and Silk Flower Bouquets

Beautiful and uplifting, realistic silk flowers, floral arrangements and flower bouquets that will live forever.

Silk Flower Candelabra Centerpieces and Floral Arrangements

Uplifting, realistic silk flower candelabra arrangements add warmth and beauty to any room in your home.

Silk Orchids and Silk Orchid Flower Arrangements

Add style to your decor with stunningly beautiful, exotic silk orchids.

Silk Roses, Silk Rose Bouquets and Silk Rose Arrangements

Everlasting silk roses for everlasting thoughtfulness and love.

Silk Flower Stems

Create your own beautiful, ever-lasting floral arrangements with silk flower stems.

Tropical Silk Flowers and Arrangements

Exotic tropical silk flowers and arrangements for a touch of earthly paradise.

Realistic Silk Plants and Foliage

Add a bold statement to your home or office with bamboo and grasses, ferns and palms, flowering silk plants, hanging silk plants, indoor and outdoor silk plants, tropical silk plants and cacti.

Indoor and Outdoor Silk Trees and Topiary

Add the beauty and warmth of nature indoors or outdoors with lifelike, maintenance-free bamboo silk trees, silk bonsai, silk ficus and palm trees, flowering silk trees, silk topiary trees and tropical silk trees.

Seasonal Silk Flowers, Silk Plants and Trees and Silk Wreaths

Bring the uplifting colors, freshness and festive spirit of the seasons into your home or office with silk flower arrangements, silk plants and trees and silk wreaths.

Silk Wreaths, Garlands and Swags

Silk wreaths, garlands and swags add a beautiful touch of "welcome!" to your home or office.

Home and Garden Decor and Accessories

Reflect your personal style and enhance your surroundings with home and garden decor and accessories.

Decorative Planters and Vases

Decorative planters and vases add that little extra something to your home or office decor.

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Indoor & Outdoor Silk Plants


Beautifully realistic, indoor and outdoor silk plants to enhance your home, office, patio or porch decor.

Do you love having plants in your home, office, porch or garden but don't exactly have a green thumb? For discerning and particular plant enthusiasts or for those who simply want some of nature's beauty enhancing their decor, The Silk Garden's incredibly realistic indoor and outdoor silk plants are the perfect choices. Created with particular attention paid to detail, our indoor and outdoor silk plants look so true to nature, in color and detail, you won't believe they're not!

Indoor and outdoor silk plants come in a wide variety of species, sizes and shapes to complement any room in your home or workspace. They don't need water, they don't lose leaves or turn yellow and need very little care to keep them looking good. Just clean them by gently blowing off any dust with canned air, using a feather duster or damp cloth or with a spray silk plant cleaner, available at most craft stores. And indoor and outdoor silk plants look beautiful...all the time!

Need a gift and not sure what to get? Indoor and outdoor silk plants from The Silk Garden make great gifts and are perfect for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, get-well-soon gifts, realtor gifts or any gift-giving occasion. They require very little maintenance, they will virtually last forever and your well-chosen gift and thoughtfulness will not be forgotten.

If you'd like to include a Gift Message with your purchase, just indicate how you'd like it to read in the gift message box when you check out.


Mixed Grass Planter (Indoor/Outdoor)

Who would think grass could look so beautiful? This wonderfully designed silk plant takes the regular look of grass and adds a generous splash of pastel color on top to make something truly elegant. Set in a Greco-Roman inspired vase, it’s a great addition to any environment. Best of all, you’ll never worry about having to mow the grass! Measures 8" wide x 13" high. Pot measures 5.5" wide x 5" high.

#4124     $59.95


Potted Acorus Grass (Indoor/Outdoor)

A favorite among Japanese gardeners, this lively Acorus grass makes an excellent choice for a topiary display, with its wispy, vividly colored green stalks. Although shaped in a traditional ball design, this wild topiary is anything but ordinary. Over 18 inches high, it makes a nice addition to an indoor or outdoor patio or sunroom. A unique ornamental vase further compliments this plant’s whimsical appeal. Measures 16" wide x 18.5" high. Pot measures 8" wide x 7.5" high.

#6539     $159.95


Potted Silk Grass in Decorative Urn (Indoor/Outdoor)

We love grass! Left to grow, grass is fluffy, light, and oh-so-lush. And that look has been perfectly captured in this lovely grass-in-an-urn piece that's ideal for any decor, indoors or out. The grass blades look fresh and crisp and the decorative urn looks strong and stately. Together, they make the perfect accent piece, ideal for home, office, porch or garden. Measures 11" wide x 17" high. Planter measures 7.5" wide x 10" high.

#6744     $79.95


Potted Silk Daisy Mix (Indoor/Outdoor)

This potted mixed daisy arrangement, with its gentle rising leaves, and tiny, flowery shoots, makes a wonderful addition to your indoor or outdoor environment. Also makes a thoughtful gift to share with friends and loved ones. Planted in a decorative pot. Measures 9" wide x 11" high. Pot measures 5.5" wide x 5" high.

#4125     $59.95


Ruffle Fern Silk Plant (Indoor/Outdoor)

Known for its full, thick foliage, with feathery fronds on every stem, this "Florida Ruffles" silk plant is a popular favorite among ferns. Compact but shapely, it's the perfect choice for those with limited space. Planted in a sleek contemporary style vase and perfect for both indoor or outdoor use. Measures 31" wide x 32.5" high. Pot measures 8" wide x 17" high.

#6540     $139.95


Leather Fern Hanging Baskets (Indoor/Outdoor)

This is a set of two leather ferns, complete with stunning "mossy-look" hanging baskets. They are suitable for outdoors, as well as indoors, meaning your decorating options are numerous and year-round. Makes a great gift. Measures 18" wide x 13" high. Basket measures 8" wide x 4" high. Set of 2.

#6743     $59.95


4' Tropical Cycas (Indoor/Outdoor)

This impressive, stunning and unique tropical cycas is big, bold, and definitely a statement-making piece of decor. With 18 leafy fronds spilling forth, it'll enhance the look of your home or office in a big way. Plus, it can be used indoors or out and is UV resistant, giving you numerous decorating options. Makes a fine gift, too. Measures 49" wide x 48" high. Pot measures 5.75" wide x 6" high.

#6769     $139.95


Bougainvillea with Urn (Indoor/Outdoor)

This full and lush bougainvillea arrangement can be used in all climates and seasons since the artificial vines and leaves require little or no care. Spilling over the gray urn, these bright flowers make the perfect statement, whether indoors or out. Pair two on columns for a Victorian feel or place in dining or sitting areas to bring the tropics indoors. Measures 24" wide x 28" high. Urn measures 11" wide x 16.5" high.

#6839     $119.95

Hanging Silk Geranium (Indoor/Outdoor)

An ideal piece of decor for both home and office, this UV resistant, hanging silk geranium will brighten any indoor or outdoor space. Featuring deep red geranium blooms and a lush forest of greenery. Arrives complete with a hanging basket. Measures 28" wide x 28" high.

#6857     $79.95


Hanging Silk Philodendron (Indoor/Outdoor)

An ideal silk plant for anyone who wants beautiful, full greenery year round, this hanging silk philodendron will look great anywhere, indoors or outdoors! That’s because, besides never needing water, this plant is also UV resistant, making it ideal for the patio as well as the living room. Complete with a hanging basket. Measures 30" wide x 36" high.

#6853     $79.95


Silk Pothos Plant (Indoor/Outdoor)

If sunshine has been a problem for maintaining the classic beauty of your realistic plants, then worry no more with this richly colored pothos plant. This silk plant is UV resistant and may be displayed indoors or out. Complementing the overall look is a refreshingly modern slate planter. Measures 27" wide x 29" high. Planter measures 11.75" wide x 16" high.

#6799     $169.95

Hanging Silk Bougainvillea (Indoor/Outdoor)

This wonderful hanging silk bougainvillea features luscious bougainvillea blooms against a backdrop of greenery, all tucked away in the included hanging basket. This plant will look great anywhere, indoors or out. This silk plant is UV resistant so it's perfect for use in your home, office, on the porch or in the garden. Measures 28" wide x 28" high.


#6845     $79.95

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