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Silk Wreaths, Garlands & Swags

Silk wreaths, garlands and swags add a beautiful touch of cheer to your home or office.

Silk Flowers, Silk Floral Arrangements and Silk Flower Bouquets

Beautiful and uplifting, realistic silk flowers, floral arrangements and flower bouquets that will live forever.

Silk Flower Candelabra Centerpieces and Floral Arrangements

Uplifting, realistic silk flower candelabra arrangements add warmth and beauty to any room in your home.

Silk Orchids and Silk Orchid Flower Arrangements

Add style to your decor with stunningly beautiful, exotic silk orchids.

Silk Roses, Silk Rose Bouquets and Silk Rose Arrangements

Everlasting silk roses for everlasting thoughtfulness and love.

Silk Flower Stems

Create your own beautiful, ever-lasting floral arrangements with silk flower stems.

Tropical Silk Flowers and Arrangements

Exotic tropical silk flowers and arrangements for a touch of earthly paradise.

Realistic Silk Plants and Foliage

Add a bold statement to your home or office with bamboo and grasses, ferns and palms, flowering silk plants, hanging silk plants, indoor and outdoor silk plants, tropical silk plants and cacti.

Indoor and Outdoor Silk Trees and Topiary

Add the beauty and warmth of nature indoors or outdoors with lifelike, maintenance-free bamboo silk trees, silk bonsai, silk ficus and palm trees, flowering silk trees, silk topiary trees and tropical silk trees.

Seasonal Silk Flowers, Silk Plants and Trees and Silk Wreaths

Bring the uplifting colors, freshness and festive spirit of the seasons into your home or office with silk flower arrangements, silk plants and trees and silk wreaths.

Silk Wreaths, Garlands and Swags

Silk wreaths, garlands and swags add a beautiful touch of "welcome!" to your home or office.

Home and Garden Decor and Accessories

Reflect your personal style and enhance your surroundings with home and garden decor and accessories.

Decorative Planters and Vases

Decorative planters and vases add that little extra something to your home or office decor.

Silk Wreaths, Swags & Garlands from The Silk Garden Silk Wreaths, Swags & Garlands from The Silk Garden Silk Wreaths, Swags & Garlands from The Silk Garden Silk Wreaths, Swags & Garlands from The Silk Garden Silk Wreaths, Swags & Garlands from The Silk Garden
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Silk Wreaths, Garlands & Swags


Silk wreaths, garlands and swags add a beautiful touch of cheer to your home or office.

Incredibly realistic, handcrafted silk wreaths and swags, from The Silk Garden, add the perfect amount of holiday cheer to any home or office decor. Created with particular attention paid to detail, using the highest quality materials available, they look so true to nature, in color and detail, you won't believe they're not!

Nothing is more beautiful and welcoming than a wreath on the front door of your home or office. And wreaths are not just for holidays; they are fabulous decorations appropriate for anytime of the year.

Silk wreaths are not just for the door. The Silk Garden's silk wreaths come in a wide variety of colors and arrangements to complement any room in your home or office. Use silk wreaths to decorate a wall or to accent the space above a doorway. Add a candle holder and candle to the center of a silk wreath and it becomes a creative and colorful centerpiece for a table, adding ambience to any room.

Silk wreaths need very little care to keep them looking good. Just clean them by gently blowing off any dust with canned air, using a feather duster or damp cloth or with a spray silk plant cleaner, available at most craft stores. And silk wreaths look beautiful...all the time!

Need a gift and not sure what to get? Consider silk wreaths, swags and garlands as beautiful and thoughtful holiday gifts.

A festive, handcrafted silk wreath makes the perfect holiday gift, as well as a bright and joyful birthday, anniversary or any milestone gift. As a housewarming or realtor gift, a silk wreath is a cheerful way of saying "Welcome!" to the neighborhood or for saying thank you for your business. And what could be more thoughtful and uplifting as a get-well-soon gift than a beautiful silk wreath, created fresh from the "garden." They require very little maintenance, they will virtually last forever and your well-chosen gift and thoughtfulness will not be forgotten.

If you'd like to include a Gift Message with your purchase, just indicate how you'd like it to read in the gift message box when you check out.


Peony Hydrangea Silk Wreath


Here’s a beautiful bold wreath that's perfect for the holidays or for any time of year. The peony flowers circle around with buds, berries and greens, providing a texture and hue that definitely draws the eye. This beautiful peony hydrangea silk wreath is certain to become one of your favorite decorations. Measures 24" round.


#4930     $89.95

Olive Silk Wreath


This striking olive wreath, filled with beautiful, lush green leaves encompassing a perfect circle, will be a big hit as you serve up that favorite Italian or Greek meal. A perfect addition to your kitchen or dining room decor! Measures 20" round.


#4773     $59.95

Silk Lilac Wreath


A circle of springtime delight with an explosion of colors and textures! This silk wreath combines beautiful lilac blooms in various colors and stages of maturity, berries and verdant leaves, all woven together in a never-ending ring of beauty. Measures 20" diameter.


#4786     $69.95

Rose Silk Wreath


The rose is often seen as the perfect flower. And with one look at the full, lush blooms on this silk wreath, you can see why. Full rose blooms circle round, while the leaves and stems provide the ideal backdrop. This mixture of bold and vibrant color is sure to please even the most discerning eye. Measures 20" diameter.


#4802     $79.95

Spring Floral Silk Wreath


Make any door or entryway into a thing of beauty with this spring floral silk wreath. A broad spectrum of splashy colors frames the delicate circle of branches, making this lovely wreath a perfect way to set the stage for spring’s beautiful symphony of color. Measures 22" diameter.


#4988     $79.95

Silk Hydrangea & Rose Wreath


Alternating blooms of fire and ice adorn this beautiful hydrangea and white roses wreath with delicately crafted berries emerging from behind plush petals. This stunning design makes a splendid addition to your home or office décor. Measures 24" diameter.


#4899     $89.95

Silk Hydrangea Wreath


Hydrangeas not only make great centerpieces and show plants, they also make some of the finest wreaths. Strong main stems form the base of the wreath, while an abundance of flowers, berries, blooms and leaves elegantly wrap and twist, making this a beautiful and visually interesting wreath. Welcome spring from your front door or send one as a gift to that nature lover. Measures 20" diameter.


#4642     $59.95

Cherry Blossom Silk Wreath


Is it springtime yet? Have the cherry blossoms bloomed? That’s the feeling this stunning cherry blossom silk wreath will evoke, no matter what time of year it is. Delicate beauty and warm feelings, all wrapped up in a circle of goodness. Buy one for your home and another as a gift. Measures 24" diameter.


#4783     $69.95

Silk Pinecone Tear Drop


Here's an eclectic-looking decoration that's both familiar and unusual. Beautiful faux pine fronds combine with replica pine cones in a teardrop shape, perfect for hanging over the fireplace, on a door or anywhere else. The colors and textures are nature-perfect! Makes a fantastic gift as well. Measures 26" diameter.


#4944     $59.95

Silk Sunflower Swag


Want to bring a little sun to your home or office decorations? Look no further than this beautiful sunflower swag. With brilliant bursts of yellow, with just the right touch of red and brown, set amongst crisp-looking leaves, this magnificent piece will light up any location. Comes with a scroll metal frame for added elegance. Measures 27" long.


#4932     $69.95

Silk Orchid & Pine Wreath


This Phalaenopsis Orchid and Pine Wreath is an ideal mix of color, texture and form. With beautiful pine fronds, green berries, faux pinecones and lovely, delicate Phalaenopsis orchid blooms, this wreath will lighten up even the darkest of areas. Makes an extremely thoughtful gift. Measures 22" round.


#4945     $69.95

Silk Orchid & Artichoke Wreath


Here's an unusual combination of the beauty of the Cymbidium orchid with a circlet of pine sprigs, full-bloomed artichokes and a winter "icy" feel. This is a four season wreath, looking equally good in the sunny seasons as well as the snowy ones. And it'll never dry out, so display it year after year. Measures 22" diameter.


#4948     $79.95

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